Friday, July 20, 2007

Off to a great start

I'm proctoring a test this morning for my part time job, which means I have a lot of quiet down time while the kids are working. Well, this morning I woke up early enough to get a little organized and prepared and take my time going out the door (what? no mad sprint? my oversleeping skills are down apparently). So I filled my 24 ounce water bottle thinking, more wawter will make me feel better and be healthier and cheaper than skipping next door for a cup of coffee halfway through the test.

Then I put on my brand new flip flops (a gift from my MIL), walked out my front door and down the stairs to my car, and realized I'd forgotten it.

But since I was early, I had time to go back in the building and get it. I went back up the stairs, observing as I did that it was starting to rain and I should leave soon so I could drive slowly. Hurriedly, I ran in and grabbed the bottle, locking the door again behind myself.

So there I was, running late, water bottle in hand, brand new flip flops on my feet, the rain increasing in intensity, and of course it happened. I stepped to fast, my shoes were too slick, the stairs were slippery with rain, and I slipped.

My left foot flew out from under me, and I grabbed the railing with both hands before tumbling all down the stairs, but not before smacking the back of my arm against the top of the railing. And of course, in my efforts to save my bones, I let go of the water bottle and it fell over the railing, down two flights of stairs to the concrete below, spilling water on the already wet ground and cracking the lid in half.

As it turns out, I was running too late to grab coffee on my way here, and though I'm now wet and cold and I'm short one water bottle, my hip and ankle are sore and my arm is bruising, and the near biblical rains are keeping me from going next door and soothing myself with that cup of coffee.

So ... I guess as far as curbing my spending goes, the water bottle did the trick.