Monday, July 2, 2007

Break Even Week 3 - Vacation week update

So, I pretty much took the week off while we were visiting family for vacation. Because of the way I account for my earnings, though, I did manage to bring in a little money this week. I had some payments roll in from Associated Content, many of which were disappointingly lower than I expected them to be.

I also spent a total of 2.5 hours working on a presentation for my part time job that I had to give the day I came back (that was a little stressful when I was in the airport overnight, let me tell you). My boss told me she would pay me $50 an hour for my prep time, so I chalked up some money that way.

Because we were with family who really wanted to feed us, we hardly spent any money on food this week. We did spend money on entertainment but, since we were at home where we grew up, our money went a lot further. We spent money on 20 cent games of ski ball, $1 smoothies from the convenience store, Ice cream on the boardwalk, subs for lunch, and cake at the diner at midnight. It was as if we’d fallen back into a place in our lives where that seemed like a lot of money. Our total entertainment spending was $20 for the week, for which it seemed like we went out every night.

Totals for the week:
Break even number $420
Grocery spending -$50
Entertainment -$5
Associated Content Payments -$24.98
Prep Hours -$125
Surveys - $12
Movies sold - $16
Deficit $187

Totals for the summer 719 deficit
Each week is getting better, but I still am digging myself pretty deep. I’m going to keep up this, but I’m not feeling very optimistic right now about breaking even by the end of the summer.