Friday, July 13, 2007

Carnivals this week

This week, I had posts in two different carnivals.

The Carnival of Personal Finance, hosted by Broke Ass Student included my post on Food, Money, and Love. I also enjoyed

The account of the relationship between dieting and money at Living behind the curve.

Mr. Credit Card's question of whether we are spending too much time on personal finance

and The Financial Philosopher's take on enough.

I also took part in the Festival of Frugality, hosted most charmingly by Mr. Credit Card.

Some posts to check out:

Reduce Air conditioning Costs

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Mer @ Living Behind The Curve said...

Hey man, thanks for the linkback on " Sweatin’ to the Low-Calorie, Fat-Free, South Beach, Cabbage Soup Finances"!

But, umm... one little thing? We are Living Behind The Curve, not Living Almost Large. LAL is another excellent blog about money and frugality, but it's not us.

story girl said...

LOL! I'm so sorry. Editing right now.