Monday, June 1, 2009

Ways to Save Money this summer

So, once again it's summer and I find myself with plenty of free time and less than plenty of money. Oh, I have some savings, but I have no full time job nor am likely to especially soon. More time, less money, means it's a great time to start refocusing on ways to save.

  • Turn off the lights. Maybe turn off the computer too. It's amazing how much energy we waste during the course of a day.

  • When I'm home by myself or when we're both going out, turn the air way up (or off altogether). I really don't like the way air conditioning feels, and I'm willing to be a little warmer. I can wear shorts or drink ice water. Also, I need to check the thermometer on my porch and open the windows when it's cooler out than in, and batten down the hatches when it's hotter.

  • Hang my laundry. I've never done this before, but I'd imagine it'll dry very quickly in the 100 degree weather.

  • Cook from scratch. During the crazy last month of the school year, we ate out a lot. A lot. I plan to change that this summer. I would like to go even further, though, and try making yogurt,cheese, pasta, and more of our bread.

  • Use up the stockpile. I'm moving in the relatively near future so it's time to stop buying so much and start using it up. If I wasn't moving, I'd be reluctant to use up (or I might have to rebuy everything at full price), but I'd still try to use down a little to get through the income gap.

  • Find fun, free things to do. Since we live near a college, there are lots of free lectures and forums, and I am relatively sure there are some free outdoor concerts and movies too.

Anyone have any more great suggestions on things I can do this summer?


brian said...

Well, better of like that. I'm grateful to know that there still some person like you, that do want to save money and most especially energy that nowadays greatly affect the crisis that we're facing today. Thanks for this post! It's really an inspirational one. Thumbs up!

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