Wednesday, June 3, 2009

CSA and vegetable wisdom

I've written before about how much I love my CSA. Last summer, one of my husband's friends was visiting when I picked up my basket and he got to see me process and cook my vegetables - and he even got to eat some. Apparently it made an impression on him because he went home and got himself a half share in a CSA near him. A few weeks ago, he had a picture of it on his facebook with a caption that read "Now I just need to figure out what to do with all this." I glanced over my husband's shoulder and said "Tell him to steam the asparagus, sautee the swiss chard with garlic and onions, and use the green onions in everything."

I was kind of amazed to hear the words coming out of my mouth. A year ago, I wouldn't have known half that. Some other things I've learned from my CSA:

  • I love chard. Collard greens not so much.

  • When it's squash season, you eat squash. And you eat it all because next week there will definitely be more.

  • Most greens don't need to be boiled for a million hours and I like them better when they're not.

  • The fresher the vegetables, the less you need to do to make them taste great. Except for collards which still usually need bacon.

  • When you eat fresh raw vegetables for lunch and dinner, it's hard not to lose weight.

  • In hot climates like mine, by the time the tomatoes come in, most of the lettuce is done, so the salads my mother made in my childhood are hard to make locally.

  • Husbands must be accounted for when planning vegetable sides. Even if they do like their green beans mushy.