Sunday, January 6, 2008

Recovering from my vacation

So, the day after fall semester ended, hubby and I got on a plane to visit our families. The day before spring semester started we got back. While my Christmas was lovely (more on that another time, if I think of it), I feel like I've spent this past week recovering from my vacation.

Some personal finance/frugality related stuff I've done to get back in the swing:

1. Sorted through my mail. We got a couple of bills while we were gone and had them both paid the second we got back. There's a lot of comfort and security in knowing you have enough money to pay things when they come, not when the paycheck comes.

2. Made a budget. New year, new budget. Hubby and I sat down together and made a template for how much we were willing to spend in each category. We've already spend half of our January budget for eating out, but that as they say is a story for another day.

3. Grocery shopped. Our freezer and fridge were bare, so we had to go out and do a major stocking up trip. It was not our most frugal day.

4. Cooked. We spent today batch cooking, a task I really don't enjoy but which I do appreciate once it's done. We froze 10 waffles, 8 hamburgers, 4 containers of chili and 6 containers of spaghetti sauce. Not only does it save me time and splurges for weeknight meal prep, it allows us to buy things like canned tomatoes and ground beef in bulk, so that they are at least a little bit cheaper.

I'm finally beginning to feel like I'm caught back up with my life, but I'm exhausted. Man can I use a vacation.


Anonymous said...

Grocery shopping for us was a lot as well...the last few days before we went was a lot of pasta and random canned goods. Spending ~$100 for groceries was a bit painful, but it was a lot of healthier foods, like fruits and vegetables, so maybe the upside will be starting 2008 a little healthier. Plus I bought food for lunches, so I wont be ordering out at work, which will then save me money!