Sunday, January 13, 2008

What I got for Christmas

My in-laws ask us for Christmas lists every year, and this year I was given the specific instruction to ask for something completely impractical, so I asked for what I saw as small extravagances, pretty things that would make me happy: new placemats and napkins, potholders, a teapot. This got me affectionately teased on Christmas morning, but really in the end did make me happy.

Our friends mostly gave us gift cards, greatly appreciated by us because they packed so easily to come home and because they give us an excuse to eat out more often without blowing our budget.

My brother gave me what I've been asking for for years: world peace (well, a shirt that says "Peace on Earth," which is close, right?) and warm socks (yes, actual warm socks).

Our family gave us a lot of kitchen appliances: a waffle maker, a coffee grinder and french press, a bread machine. They also gave us lots of coffee, tea, and cookies, which will keep us blissful for quite a while.

We got some money, which will be put towards an extra debt payment.

And my big Christmas present from hubby? I'm almost embarassed to admit its extravagance. A Roomba. It makes me so happy to come home to a clean carpet every day.

I'd say it's a pretty good haul, huh? So, what'd you get?


Anonymous said...

I got a teapot too! and matching cup and saucer!

And cookbooks...but I'm jealous of you and your roomba!

Chief Family Officer said...

I love my Roomba too! I'm afraid that eventually my long hair will kill it but so far, so good (we've had it for less than a month now). An extravagance that was completely worth it!

Lindsay said...

Even for the most penny pincher, Christmas can be so much fun. I LOVE getting gifts I don't need, but that simply make me happy. This year it was the cutest bracelet, reminding me of my love for girly things.

SavingDiva said...

I SO want a Roomba! You'll have to post about how it works! I'm a little worried about how practical it will be.