Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Diaper deals on Amazon

Pampers Baby Dry diapers are $37.75 after Amazon Mom discount. (You do have an Amazon mom account, right?) You should also be able to scroll down and add a $1 coupon, bringing the price down even more. (The link is for size 4, but there should be similar deals for all sizes.)

Huggies Snug and Dry diapers come to $24.40 after discount and $2 coupon. That's less than 19 cents a diaper for size 4's!

Just remember to cancel the subscribe and save after your order ships if you don't want to keep getting them - and since prices rise and fall, that's probably wise.

Disclaimer: All Amazon links are my affiliate links. If you use them, I will get very rich. Or at least be able to buy some cookies. Please feel free to go straight to Amazon, or use your own links. You deserve cookies too.


Sarah said...

Hey, did they open amazon mom membership back up yet? It was closed last time I checked.