Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Enjoying what you have

My apartment complex has a pool. Until fairly recently, I have looked at it longingly but used it only rarely, even when I was only working 5-7 hours a week. Why? Because I always felt like if I didn't have a long stretch of time to devote to "going to the pool," then it wasn't worth it. Then one day I realized, all I need to do is put on a bathing suit, and walk out to the pool. Even if I only have half an hour, I have time to go put my feet in the water or sit on the steps for a little while, and still change back into my regular clothes.

This made me think about all the other things that I have that I don't use regularly.

My video games, particularly Wii Fit which I used to really love
My DVR/free cinemax, with which I could record lots of movies to watch while I write or fold laundry
My books, which should be passed on to someone else if I don't want to read them again
My digital camera, with which I could create art
My fabric, yarn, etc
My kitchen and baking supplies

And I'm sure there are many more things. I tend to get overwhelmed by any relatively large project and so just leave things to do "later." But no more. I'm going to start pulling things out that I have and haven't enjoyed in a while and really make good use of them. And I'm going to go to the pool.


Frugalchick said...

I'm also guilty of putting off bigger projects until "later." And when I actually start something, I'm almost always surprised at how quickly I can get going.

For example, I'm thinking about re-learning how to play the piano, but it feels so daunting that I haven't touched my old practice books yet. But I *know* if I would just stop procrastinating, it would probably go better than I think!

April said...

Enjoyed this one a lot! Have fun in the pool!

Garret Gillespie said...

My wife and I were just discussing this very thing recently. We decided on a new mantra..."We have all we need"

Times are going to be tight for a while, but "we have all we need". We just have to maximize our abundance mentality and minimize our scarcity mentality.

They truly are parallel realities.

sunny said...

I love this! You said it perfectly.

Now it has spurred me on to use what I have and continue the process of ridding my apartment/life of things that others can actually use.