Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Links I love this week

Frugal, easy, and healthy school lunch

Momma and the Boys' tips for upgrading your (or your children's) lunch without spending too much.

On Christmas

Putting the City in Domesticity wants to try to make all her own Christmas presents. I wish her much luck.

Income from going to nightclubs

Wise Bread's advice on how you can augment your income by going to nightclubs. A fun read, I won't ruin it.

The personal and political

No Impact Man once more gets me where it counts with this post on personal peace.


tk said...

Thanks for the shout!

No Impact Man is kind of the reason I started blogging about any of this, and is definitely where I found all the other bloggers that I read on these topics. He seems to be the center of a lot of blogging networks.