Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rethinking the blog

When I first started blogging, I thought I knew exactly why I was doing it. I wanted to write. And help people. And be part of the frugal blogging community. And be accountable for my finances. And make money.

In my experience, when I have to come up with 5 completely different reasons why I want to do something, it means I'm trying too hard to convince myself.

For a long time, I liked blogging, and I especially liked blogging about frugality. I made lists, I waxed philosophical, I linked to other bloggers, I joined carnivals. I was having a lot of fun. Until I wasn't.

At some point along the line, I just stopped feeling the blogging love. When I was teaching full time, I often didn't have a lot of words left at the end of the day. And at some point, after writing about all things frugal for a while, I felt like I'd said it all. I felt boring. Sure, I could post deals, but other people did that better than I do. I could write money saving tutorials, but really? It's all been done. So I stopped.

But I have an underlying desire to keep writing, or to start writing again. I want to put things out in the world, to be really honest, to write as if no one is reading (because let's be honest here, most days no one is). And probably, there will still be some money involved with this because I'm still a pretty frugal chica. I love coupons. I unplug chargers. I turn my ketchup bottle upside down.

I think, however, for a while at least, there's going to be a lot more life here than money.


Karyn said...

FOund your blog when researching whether to become a teacher. I'm 37, so a late bloomer. Corporate and military experience which may fare well in the classroom! I'm enjoying your recent posts too...