Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'm so boring (and so are my tips)

Every time I set out with an earnest "This time I'm really going to start blogging again," it turns out to be a bust. I feel overwhelmed, uninspired and just overall not much like writing. I can't build enthusiasm without momentum, or momentum without enthusiasm.

Earlier this week, I read Mighty Bargain Hunter's take on Why frugality tips suck and I really think it hit the nail on the head as to my problem. Any list of tips seems to me to be pedestrian and boring, overdone and repetitive. "Turn off your lights! Use less laundry detergent! Pay off debt!" Anyone who reads frugality blogs already knows what I'm telling you.

But I guess I always knew that. The blogs I like to read either have frequent deals updates or recipes (which I would not be all that good at), or tell a story, let me feel like I'm really getting to know the person on the other end of the blog. So, I know, in my heart of hearts, what it is I need to write. I need to write about my own journey. Sure, there will be frugal living suggestions throughout that, but mostly what I need is honesty.

So, this time, I'm really going to. . .

Oh bother. Oh well, if you're still listening, let me know that you'll make the journey with me.


tiffany said...

Hi I am Tiffany again. I have paid attention to read your blog for one year. I believe that you are a optimistic guy,I like you so much. Best wishes to you~~

ps: I 've heard that if you keep on doing st for 27 days,you will be accustomed to do it. so I think you can keep on writing every ,even 10 words/day.

Garret Gillespie said...

Definitely tell us your story. That's the emotion we want share with you. I see you recommend I Could Do Anything by Barbara Sher. If you haven't already, check out her Website, She's got a great forum for "scanners" like us. I've enjoyed what I've read and you're in my reader list. Keep it up.

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