Thursday, October 9, 2008

Why I haven't been posting

6:30 AM - Tumble out of bed. Coffee is ready in the pot, thank goodness (and my timer). Make breakfast (toast from my homemade raisin bread) for self and hubby. Get dressed. Gather belongings. Pour rest of cup of coffee into travel mug.

7:00 - Run out front door. Get to car, realize I've forgotten cell phone, run back upstairs.

7:15 - Arrive at work. Dig through piles on desk, looking for Homecoming essays that have to be judged by this afternoon.

7:30 - Begin entering grades.

7:45 - Meet with NHS officers to discuss new service project

7:55 - School begins. Teach.

3:12 - School ends. Discipline 8th graders then sprint outside for parking lot duty until 3:30.

3:30 - Shuffle middle schoolers into the building for after school care, shuffle high schoolers out of the building.

3:40 - Return to classroom. Read college essay for senior who's been waiting patiently. Tidy desk. Enter grades.

3:55 - Shuffle high schoolers out of building. Again.

4:05 - Get in car. Drive home.

4:20 - Arrive home. Turn on Gilmore Girls. Reheat morning's coffee. Start dinner prep. Start laundry.

5:00 - Husband arrives home. Serve dinner.

5:25 - Start washing dishes.

6:00 - - Sit down on couch. Fold laundry (where does it all come from?)

6:30 - Start grading papers.

8:45 - Make husband's lunch for next day. Set up coffee pot and turn on timer.

9:00 - Fall asleep on couch while trying (again) to watch Heroes from DVR.

Something's got to give.


Anonymous said...

Umm...your husband could learn to make his own lunch, maybe help out a little more...grab a crock pot, use the slow cooker...

story girl said...

I have a slowcooker, but to be honest I'd rather spend 20 minutes on meal prep when I get home than add another 5 minutes to my morning (and have to wake up earlier).

This was just my day, not hubby's. He is a grad student with exams and papers to write. He has his own day. I promise you, he's not just sitting around the whole time.

More than Survival said...

whew... Life moves fast!!! I'm there with you. I found your blog through the comment you left on mine... the give away for the November Simple Family Supper is over, but you can grab the menu anytime. Working women say it really saves them a bundle of time and mental effort.
Thank you for being a teacher! I know you dedicate a ton of energy and extra time (non school hours) to your students. My children are blessed this year to have FANTASTIC teachers.... THANK YOU for being a teacher!!!!

Anonymous said...

No offense, but I will willingly trade with you.