Monday, November 26, 2007

"TV's going to end! Honey, what will we do?!?"

My husband and I watch a lot of TV. Unlike some of my more frugal counterparts, I have never made the effort to give up TV. We really enjoy it. We enjoy it even more since we got a DVR and can watch Heroes, House, Life, or Prison Break any time of day sans commercials. We can watch while doing homework, grading papers, folding laundry, knitting, cuddling. . . all of our favorite activities.

But now the writers are on strike. Go labor. Fight the man. I've got your backs and all that. But it does leave us with one little question:

What are we going to do with our evenings?

Sure we have some movies on DVD, but not very many and almost nothing from the past year. And my husband's plan of watching less TV now in order to stockpile shows on the DVR, though valiant in its efforts seems somehow flawed (I'm sorry, but those four episodes of Chuck we have saved? Those will get us through two evenings). So what shall we do instead? Oh, I have big plans.

Listen to Christmas music.

Play Backgammon.

Go to the park and look at the Christmas light display.

Play card games.

Talk to each other more.

Play Guitar Hero. :)

Read Lord of the Rings out loud to each other.

Actually get our homework and grading done.

Bake cookies.

Visit with friends (on a weeknight! Gasp!).

Anyone else have any great ideas for free or cheap things we can do once TV ends?


Andrea said...

I've been facing the same problem, and me and my boyfriend are equally frightened of all the free time we're going to have. Thanks for your ideas, and I'm really glad to see you've started blogging again. Keep it up!

Stephanie said...

We also are probably going to watch some movies and tv shows we have on DVD, but the only other "watching" we might be able to do is set the Tivo to record Christmas specials (concerts, old movies, etc.). Other than that, we're definitely going to get more reading in, and I need to do a major room cleaning/organization to get my room to a much more comfortable and relaxing state. Other than that, I think we might try to do a little more exercise (maybe go for bike rides or walks on the weekends), decorate the house for the holidays, and just relax.
I'm hoping to try to get a little more into yoga/meditation, take a class, perhaps. I do like your baking idea...mmm especially holiday cookies!

well, hopefully you'll find some good ways to spend your time!

story girl said...

I have my DVR set to record anything I could find with "Christmas" in the title too. :)

:: Suzanne :: said...

There are always books.

Here are my two bits on TV - since you brought it up.