Friday, June 29, 2007

Vacation highlights

For those of my loyal fans who have been eagerly awaiting my return, I am back. Here, in brief, is my vacation:

-We went "home" to the town where we grew up for a friend's wedding. It was beautiful.
-We stayed with family and hopped from house to house often enough that no one started driving us crazy and no one resented us or felt left out.
-We visited every relative and high school friend within a 100 mile radius. We ended up filling up gas tanks in borrowed cars three times in a week.
-We were in cars where the battery died and we had to wait for a jump. Twice. Yes, twice.
-We ate restaurant food for dinner every single night (somehow at little to no expense to us.)
-We spent 11 hours on a plane trying to get to Dallas Fort Worth airport to get home, then slept in chairs in the airport (because they ran out of cots) waiting for our morning connection.

I now need a vacation from my vacation, but I got back yesterday morning and had to do a super important presentation for work. Now I have to sort through a week's mail and unpack, mail two movies that sold while we were gone, and buy groceries. I also have to go by my "real" job this afternoon for an indeterminate amount of time to work stuf out for fall.

Uggggh. I'll try to post later with something more on topic and will get a challenge update in as soon as I get organized enough.


Birdie said...

Welcome back!