Monday, June 11, 2007

Grocery saving adventure

We had a very busy weekend grocery shopping. We found a few really good deals and ended up running to different stores to maximize savings and coupon usage. In the end, before any rebates, here's what we got:

At the farmer’s market
1 pint strawberries
1 bunch of parsley
1 bunch of cilantro
Jar of local honey
1 cucumber

(3) boxes Glucerna cereal
Cookie Mix
(3) Suddenly salad pasta salad mix
(15) boxes general mills cereal
1 can Pillsbury grands biscuits
½ pound pastrami
½ pound corned beef
Cole slaw
½ pound turkey
½ pound provolone cheese
(1) 10 pack Mission Tortillas
1 gallon milk
Windex microfiber cloths
Loaf of fresh French bread

(3) Buitoni Tortellini
2 pounds bananas
8 kroger brand yogurts
(2) 4-packs of Dannon Activia yogurt
1 pound nectarines
1 pound peaches
1 loaf Earthgrains bread
1 bunch romaine lettuce
1 pound Shrimp
8 ounces kraft shredded cheddar cheese
(2) boxes Annie’s Organic Shells and cheese

for a grand total of $57, almost to the penny. We also ended up with a $4.59 coupon to use toward next week's groceries and 3 coupons for free gallons of milk. Unfortunately, that still does put me $7 over my grocery budget, which is $7 more to make up in this week's break even challenge (not looking so great, unfortunately).

We try to eat pretty healthy, and to include a few splurges (like the shrimp) to keep ourselves on track. I get frustrated when people see big grocery savings and say "Oh, you must eat terrible food. Consider your health." There are always vegetables in my grocery cart, and I find ways to save money on them. I also stock up on staples, like cereal, when they are very cheap to make sure there's enough money left in the weekly budget for fresh vegetables, fruit, and dairy.

Hopefully, the stocking up will make next week's grocery budget even cheaper. . . and hopefully there won't be any more exhausting deals for a little while.


lowincomelady said...

Sounds like a very healthy shopping list! I'm amazed your grocery bill is so low!

Anonymous said...

um, I've added up everything you bought and priced them at my own local farmers markets and supercenters and I came to the grand total of $111.64.

How did you get all of this for only $57???????
The 10 boxes alone of cereal must have been at least $2 each????

Please tell me your secret.

Anonymous said...

pastrami, corned beef & turkey (contain nitrates), suddenly salad pasta mix, cookie mix, microfiber cloths (polute the environment), grand biscuits are NOT healthy products. dannon yogurts contain high fructose corn syrup.

you made a good attempt, but are doing your family a disservice by feeding them some of that junk.

story girl said...

Anonymous - I understand that not everything we eat is healthy, but I do make a grand effort. The lunch meats are a treat and not our usual fare. I've never tried the suddenly salads before and honestly just bought them as filler for a deal. And the microfiber cloths? Seriously? I wash them and reuse them in place of paper towels.

I appreciate your looking out for my huband's and my well-being, but it seems a bit nit-picky, don't you think?

story girl said...

boomie -

Albertsons had a 10 for 10 deal on the cereal, cookie mix, suddenly salad, et all this week. We did the deal twice, mixed and matched, and bought what we had coupons for to get that down even more.

We found out at the register that they were also offering a coupon for free milk when you buy three cereals. Bonus!

Generally, we just combine coupons with sales. This was a big week for us on the sales, and so we bought big. Hopefully next week something else will be on sale and I can stock up on that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. Good job!