Wednesday, December 3, 2014

All the free gift cards

First, sign up with a Swagbucks account, if you don't already have one. This is my referral link, if you don't mind.

Under special offers >> Trial Pay (or just under special offers if you're on a mobile device), there should be an offer that says by a $10 gift card through Gyft.  It may say to buy a target gift card or starbucks or whole foods, but whatever it says, when you click on details, it will say "or any other gift card."

Buy a gift card you will use anyway.  You may or may not also have a $5 promo gyft card for first signing up (which would be a free $5 added to your gift card).

Check out with google wallet.  You will earn 50 points on the gyft app, and you will also get an emailed gift card for a bonus $5 toys r us gift card.

You will earn 450 points on swagbucks, which is enough to redeem for a $5 amazon gift card.