Thursday, November 21, 2013

Giveaway: Old El Paso Frozen Meals

Through the My Blog Spark program, I was recently given the chance to try one of the new Old El Paso frozen entrees.

(SIDENOTE: I took pictures for this post.  Awesome pictures.  Lots of them. Before I ate the quesadillas. And then I LOST THE CAMERA WITH THE PICTURES ON IT somewhere in my house.  Ahem.  If I find it, I'll add them.. Because they were awesome.  Sigh.)

I got a package in the mail with a coupon for a free Old El Paso frozen product, a $10 Visa gift card, and a beautiful chips and dip platter.  (Remember this, it will be important later.)

At the store, I looked at the products available and decided to get steak quesadillas because my somewhat picky 3 year old kinda loves quesadillas.

They were really easy to make, they only took a few minutes in the microwave to come out melty and perfect.  I momentarily doubted my decision because quesadillas are pretty easy to make anyway, so I wasn't sure I needed a frozen product.

The Old El Paso steak quesadillas, though, were nothing like the quesadillas I make at home.  They had A LOT of steak, red and green bell peppers, and salsa verde.  They were DELICIOUS.  And even though Miss Three saw the peppers, said she didn't like green things, and made me pick them all off before she would eat, she enjoyed them too.

The package said it was a meal for 2, so I paired it with some rice and leftover beans for me and the husband and an apple for the kiddo to stretch it a little.  The package contained 4 quesadillas, and we were each satisfied with one.  That meant I had one left to eat for lunch the next day.  SCORE.

So if you're looking for a quick, easy meal (and I usually am), the Old El Paso frozen meals get my thumbs up.

Still reading?  Good!  Go to the Old El Paso website and check out the selection of frozen meals.  Come back here and tell me in a comment which one you'd like to try, and you will get a chance to win a prize pack identical to the one I got (see why that was important??).   

Disclosure: I was sent a prize package in exchange for my review of this product.  My opinion can't be bought, though.  Not even with delicious, delicious quesadillas.


Anonymous said...

Steak fajitas


Andrea B. said...

Chicken quesadillas! Or burritos. Both look yum to me. :)