Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Doing good: Knit one Save one

My good deed for today was to crochet a baby cap for the Knit One Save One campaign at Save the Children. They'll send the caps to their infant care programs throughout the world, and send personalized letters to President-Elect Obama, encouraging him to help eradicate poverty. It was so easy to follow their pattern, and since it is so small it took little yarn or time.

Other good deeds so far:

  • I baked cookies for my kids at school.
  • I gave some of my CSA vegetables to one of hubby's labmates.
  • I added a dollar to my grocery order to help the local food bank.
  • I walked around my neighborhood and picked up trash.
  • I covered a colleague's class for a few minutes so she could get a break.

Nothing huge, but I hope it is making a difference. Please share your good deeds too, it helps keep me motivated!


Frugalchick said...

I like the idea of just adding a dollar to your usual grocery budget for the food bank--little bits like that can really add up!

I am still collecting toiletries (from my CVS/Walgreens deals) for the downtown shelter and will probably go donate those sometime next week.