Thursday, June 5, 2008

20 frugal or free summer fun activities

Looking for something frugal or free to do this summer? Here's a list of 20 summer fun activities which cost little or no money and provide endless entertainment.

1. Go to the park.
2. Go to your local library. Check out a book or movie, and check out the schedule for book clubs, reading rewards, lectures, and story times.
3. Consider joining your local museum or zoo. Usually, for the cost of visiting twice, you can go as much as you want for the whole season.
4. Stargaze.
5. Get wet. Play with a garden hose, run through sprinklers, get yourself a squirt gun - it doesn't matter how old you are, everyone likes to cool off.
6. Read. Sit on your deck or in your backyard, read out loud with your honey or kids, just read.
7. Be a tourist (in your own hometown). Check a guidebook out of the library, or read an article online, and check out all the local attractions you would take family to if they visited.
8. Learn to knit or sew.
9. Build a solar oven in your backyard and use it to keep your house cooler.
10. Do crafts with your kids or on your own.
11. Have a friend over for lemonade. My ideal day would be sitting in a rocking chair on my porch, drinking lemonade and gossiping with the girls.
12. Browse your local farmer's market. If you make friends, you might even be able to visit some farms.
13. Fly a kite.
14. Volunteer at your local food bank sorting food or filing papers.
15. Go to the mall. Not for the shopping, for the free air conditioning.
16. Take daily walks around your neighborhood or on the beach/boardwalk/nature path. Smile at strangers.
17. Sleep late!
18. Rent a movie from Redbox or take your kids to some free summer movies.
19. Go to a local winery that has a free tasting. Mmmmm.
20. Search the Free attractions directory and find something within driving distance of where you live.

What's #21? Please leave me a comment with your best frugal or free summer fun activities!


Andy said...

Some great activities here...I love summer and there is so much to do. My favourite summer past time is go to the beach, swim, read while lying in the sand (with a cold beer ideally!) and then to have a nice meal with good friends to round off the day!

Thanks for stopping by at my blog as well. I like the posts you have got here and will be adding to my RSS reader.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Mary said...

We live in Houston, Texas. My goal for the summer is to teach my kids you don't need to go and spend alot of money to have a good time. Now my first example might not suit everyone's tastes but we went to the park with sandwiches and drinks then as it started to get dark we walked towards the Waugh Avenue Bridge to see the bats come out to eat. See link:
My next tip is the Showboat Drive-in near Tomball. For $5.00 a piece you can see a recently released movie. See link:
Also this news report which was posted on youtube

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