Monday, February 25, 2008

Taxes and such

A few weeks ago, I read an article about the proposed tax stimulus package. Apparently, my husband must have read the same article because he came home that day and said "Hey, did you know we're getting $1200?"

"Yeah," I answered, "What are we going to spend it on??!?"

"Uh," he said (because I've brainwashed him so well), "I figured it would just go into savings...."

"But.... I thought we were supposed to stimulate the economy...."

At which point we both started laughing hysterically.


Then there's my regular taxes. As it turns out, we actually owe some money this year, a sizable chunk. Job #2 picked up a ton this year, and I didn't think to adjust my withholdings at job #1.

Well, the check is written and in the mail because we had the money in savings. And in some ways, I know cognitively that it's better to owe a little than to get a huge refund, but it's just . . . a let down. We're not as far ahead as I thought we were. I know it will be okay, and knowing that $1200 is coming helps, but it's just time to reshuffle again.


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